Solidarity with the Persecuted Church

Solidarity with the Persecuted Church

Solidarity with the Persecuted Church exists to share the generosity of the Christian people with the Church in countries where it confronts religious persecution.

Rebuilding Iraqi Churches on the Nineveh Plain

Two years ago, the Islamic State conquered the the Nineveh Plain of Iraq. The occupation devastated the Christian presence in what was their ancestral homeland and over 100,000 fled. Recent progress in the recapture of Mosul has made it possible for Christians to begin returning home. This is blessed news, but these Christians are returning to villages that have been ravaged by the terrorists. Their churches have been gutted and burned, and must now be rebuilt…

Nineveh Plain, Iraq

Saint Simony Health Clinic

Father Behnam Benoka of the Syriac Catholic Church runs the most influential health clinic for displaced Christians outside of Erbil, Iraq.

Ainkawa, Iraq

The Holy Family Center

The Holy Family Center in Erbil helps create jobs for displaced families and cares for newborn children in order to create a stable family environment allowing them to remain together and prosperous even in an otherwise desperate situation.

Erbil, Iraq

Parishes in Exile

25 Syriac Christian Parishes are living as exiles in Northern Iraq. These communities, mostly Orthodox and Syriac Catholic, are struggling to rebuild their lives as refugees while they await n eventual return to their ancient homelands.

Dohuk, Iraq

Rebuild the Nigerian Church

For over six years Nigeria has been fighting a vicious radical Islamic insurgency, Boko Haram. In a nation which is over half Christian, Churches have been destroyed, girls have been kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam, or slaughtered outright. Finally, Nigeria is able to begin focusing on a long road to reconstruction, but the Church needs help rebuilding parishes, and caring for the hundreds of thousands displaced by Boko Haram.

The Nigerian Church

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