Rebuilding the Churches of the Nineveh Plain • Solidarity with the Persecuted Church

Rebuilding the Churches of the Nineveh Plain

To help Iraqi Christians rebuild their churches and villages. you may use this link or the form below

Over two years ago, the Islamic State conquered the city of Mosul, and the surrounding Nineveh Plain of Iraq.  This was the ancient ancestral homeland of Christianity in Iraq, and the occupation by radical Islamists devastated the Christian presence.  In the wake of the Islamic State occupation, over one hundred thousand Christians fled to the safety of the Kurdish region of Iraq.

Since then, SPC has been on the ground, helping the Christian Churches care for the needs of their people.  Recent progress in the recapture of Mosul has made possible the liberation of numerous Christian villages (red stars on the map below) from the Islamic State.  As the liberation advanced, our friend Father Ammar Simon was on the ground as one of the first to visit the newly freed villages.  The pictures he sent to us are a sober reminder of the tragedy this ancient Christian homeland suffers. Churches have been burned, Monasteries destroyed and cemeteries desecrated.

Father Ammar Simon (center-right) and Christian militia placing a makeshift cross atop the Grand Immaculate Church in Qaraqosh.

Though they may be feeling lost as they face even more strife, these Christians are resolved to rebuild their churches, as well as the presence of our faith. That’s why I am coming to you now. To help Christians in Iraq overcome this great suffering.  Please consider contributing here or by using the form below.


The Grand Immaculate Church (pictured above before the Islamic State takeover) in the Christian village of Qaraqosh is just one of several churches desecrated by the Islamic State.  As towns and cities like Qaraqosh are liberated, the intent of the terrorists has become all too clear: ethnic cleansing, pure and simple.  These fanatics want to completely eradicate Christianity from the Middle East.  To whom do Christians turn for help?  To Solidarity with the Persecuted Church.  Because the task of rebuilding Christ’s Church is not just work for those who live in the most troubled, most dangerous, places on earth. This work belongs to all of us and SPC is determined to make sure there are always Christians in Iraq.  

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That desecrated edifice in Qaraqosh is just one emblem of the extreme need that you address through Solidarity with the Persecuted Church.  You and I cannot turn our backs on the misery our fellow Christians feel as they look at this kind of wreckage in what was once their home.  As you view the images Father Ammar and others have sent, and you begin to feel some of what the thousands of families from these towns must also feel, please consider offering whatever you can to help reconstruct these places of worship, and the lives of so many Christians.

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