AS THE U.S. FINALLY BEGINS TO SHOW LEADERSHIP… • Solidarity with the Persecuted Church


It’s time for Christian countries to be a voice against persecution of Christians

In a dramatic change of direction the current Administration, led by President Trump himself and Vice-President Pence, has vocally, and substantially changed policy in the Middle East, speaking out about Christian persecution and genocide while directing U.S. aid go directly to Christians as they try to rebuild in the wake of Islamic State destruction.

Hopefully, it is not too little or too late. Now that the United States is taking a highly visible and responsible role in recognizing, and specifically aiding Christians, as well as Yazidis and other religious minorities in the region, it raises another serious question…

Why is there no unified voice of Christian countries speaking on behalf of Christians?

The Muslims countries band together as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) a group of 57 mostly Muslim-majority countries, that bills itself as “the collective voice of the Muslim world.” And in spite of intra-Islamic conflicts such as the Sunni-Shiite divide or the tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the OIC presents a unified Muslim perspective on issues where there is a broad consensus.

Where is the similar Christian voice? Christians are, inarguably, the most persecuted faith on the planet. There are more than twice as many majority Christian countries as Muslim countries. And the Faith was absolutely as instrumental in their development as Islam is in any Muslim country.  Why is there no Christian equivalent standing up as the voice for the voiceless, persecuted and beleaguered Christians around the world?

It could start with the people of just one nation leading the fight for Christians in the Middle East. If the people of the United States united behind the effort, countries and the faithful throughout the world – in Africa, South America, Europe, and even Asia where Christianity is growing dramatically – could come together in the interests of protecting Christians…and even advocating for Christian virtues and values.

This need not be a government effort, either. Participation by denominations around the world would bring a greater ecumenical spirit that could bring nothing but good to our suffering planet.

Is it a dream? Perhaps. But it is also an ideal and a goal for the Church worldwide to undertake.

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