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The Holy Family Center

**June 4 Update**

Thanks to you, our incredibly generous donors, the Holy Family Center is still running and caring for exiled infants and their mothers. While the emergency fund has been raised, the Center is in continual need of support in order to ensure that they never are in danger of running our of supplies

**April 25 Update on the Holy Family Center’s project to care for newborn infants in need***

A young girl dependent on the aid she receives from groups like Father Ammar’s Holfy Family Center

The desperate need for baby formula, diapers and medicine has reached an extreme. Father Ammar, who runs the holy family center, has requested $25,000 in order to alleviate the needs of new mothers. SPC immediately sent $5,000 in order to ease the most urgent situations, and now we turn to you, our faithful supporters, who make all of our work possible. Please open your hearts to these newborn children and use the form below to contribute to their cause. 100% of what you give below will go directly and immediately to the Holy Family Center in Iraq.


One of the most basic needs of families who fled their homes to escape the Islamic State is obtaining a job while living in exile.  Most adults who fled had a skill and a career before the Islamic State radically

33 year-old Abd Aziz standing in front of his grocery stand.

changed their life.  The Holy Family Center, run by Father Ammar Simon, seeks to help train and place persecuted Christians into new jobs while they struggle to support their families while refugees.  The Holy Family Center has seen great success in placing skilled and unskilled workers into jobs as they await the opportunity to return home.  Whether it is helping to provide a baker with the capital needed to open his shop, or the tools a carpenter needs to ply his trade, The Holy Family Center works to fulfill each individual need.

More recently however, mothers have been coming to the Holy Family Center for a more basic purpose – to feed their newborn infant children.  Baby formula is scarce in the refugee camps, and the Holy Family Center and Father Ammar have made feeding and caring for hungry and infirm babies a priority at the center.  Nothing could be more important to our goal of keeping families safe and under one roof than caring for the most vulnerable members of the family.


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