U.S Congressman Confirms U.S. is Aiding Persecution of Christians in Syria • Solidarity with the Persecuted Church

U.S Congressman Confirms U.S. is Aiding Persecution of Christians in Syria

At a Congressional Roundtable yesterday afternoon called to discuss the situation of Christian persecution in the Middle East, Representative Louis Gohmert (R-TX) said, “The US government is funding the persecution of Christians in Syria.”

The Congressman’s meaning was that opposition groups in Syria funded by the US are contributing to the genocide against Christians and other religious minorities.

SPC couldn’t agree more.  There are no moderate opposition groups fighting in Syria, if by moderate you mean willing to allow Christians to live in peace and as equal citizens.  One Syrian bishop (whom we are fond of quoting) told us, “The difference between moderates and extremists is that extremists will kill you and take your house; the moderates will take your house and let you live – as long as it’s somewhere else.”

In addition, arms and personnel within the Syrian opposition seem to be quite fungible:  US weapons and their US-trained operators supplied to “approved” opposition groups today end up with extremist Islamist groups tomorrow.

It is too late to make American policy in Syria seem a well thought-out strategy.  But there is still an opportunity for some good to come of US policy in Syria – if we commit ourselves to the preservation of the Christian and other religious minorities, and ensure the country isn’t lost to a theocratic dictatorship.

Thank you, Representative Gohmert, for your clear articulation of what is really happening to Christians in Syria.

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