Remembering Christians Martyred by ISIS Last Year • Solidarity with the Persecuted Church

Remembering Christians Martyred by ISIS Last Year

Yesterday, February 17, we remember the 21 Coptic Christians martyred for their faith by the Islamic State one year ago in Libya. The world stands in bewilderment at the savagery and inhumanity perpetrated by barbarians claiming to act on behalf of their God. Why then do they cover their faces with black masks … surely they are not ashamed of their act?

The names of the victims have been enrolled in the Synaxarium, the Coptic book of martyrs, by Patriarch Tawadros II. As our friend Robert George, Princeton professor and Chairman of hte US Commission on International Religious Freedom, has said that it is no longer easy to be a Christian. To be a Christian today means to be challenged to defend your faith — everywhere in the world, but nowhere more than in the Middle Eastern nations where the Islamic State operates.

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