IT’S STILL CHRISTMAS • Solidarity with the Persecuted Church


Christmas doesn’t end December 25th.  We continue to enjoy the magic of the season and the many traditions of Christmas. One in particular comes to mind this year…the story of the three wise men. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, wouldn’t it be worth a prayer if…

Three wise men in the East…or six, or twelve, or 600…saw the magical light of Our Lord. If three wise leaders…or many more…in the war torn, intolerant, hate filled region of His birth could see the beautiful light of Our Lord Jesus Christ, see the beautiful light of Christian love and forgiveness, see and feel the magic of Christmas…and follow that light to create a new era in the Middle East…one where Christians could live in peace, able to practice their faith free from persecution, intolerance and injustice…

That would be a Christmas miracle. That would mean struggling Iraqi Christians, returning to villages, homes and churches destroyed by ISIS, would return to helping neighbors, helpful governments, and a future of peace and prosperity. It’s a wonderful dream. Well worth an extra prayer this Christmas season.

But in the meantime, Solidarity with the Persecuted Church will continue to work with the harsh realities facing Christians in Iraq today. We’ll continue to help rebuild homes, churches and businesses, we’ll continue to help train Christians for new jobs, help provide medical care and even help provide the mundane necessities of life — diapers, detergent, food, clothing and furniture.

You can help too. With a prayer for those Christian Brothers and Sisters so much less fortunate than we are. With prayers for the priests and holy people working so hard to rebuild churches, schools and parishes. And with your year end tax free donation to Solidarity with the Persecuted Church so that we may, in your name, continue to help those so much in need.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity in helping those in need. To the Christians struggling to rebuild lives in Iraq, your gift is a true Christmas miracle.

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